The LCT 650 is a dual-axle tow behind unit with excellent towability. The protective engine cover has easy access doors, making maintenance simple. With a rear intake hose and fan orientation, clean-up from both sides of the unit, curbside to streetside can be accomplished readily.

Enclosed Engine with Easy Access Door Panels

  • • Easy Maintenance

74 HP John Deere Tier 4 Diesel Engine

  • • Proven and Reliable

Dual Axle

  • • Better Towing Stability and Handling

Rear Intake Hose & Fan Orientation

  • • Easily Reconfigure from Curbside Pick-up to Street Side


  • • Smoother Control
  • • Reduced Vibration for Extended Engine Life

ODB Proven Build Quality

  • • More Reliable, Long Operational Life

Specifications: LCT650


  • • John Deere 4045TFC03 4-cylinder 74HP diesel engine Final T4

Air Cleaner

  • • Dry element with pre-cleaner.


  • • Pressurized, heavy duty. Trash style with 6-blade fan.

Radiator Screen

  • • Boxed perforated steel screen is bottom hinged to allow for cleaning without powering down the engine. Face of screen is corrugated for maximum surface area and air flow.

Engine Controls

  • • Engine monitoring and controls are housed in a compact, powerful display system. There is a full display which shows engine temperature, RPM, oil pressure, battery volts, fuel level and engine hours. Full throttle control and fault code displays are also included

Engine Sheet Metal

  • • 16-gauge steel sheet metal enclosure fully encloses the engine, battery, hydraulic pump and drive belt to protect from debris. Unit has accordion styles doors on the left and right sides of the machine for complete access to the engine. The doors are louvered for proper air circulation. Two doors are provided on top of enclosure for convenient access to the radiator cap and the bearing/drive belt assembly.


  • • Heavy duty 13” automotive style PTO with a 2.25” shaft.

Drive Type

  • • 4-groove power band.

Trailer Bed

  • • One-piece construction, 1/4″ formed steel plate. 48” wide x 66” long.


  • • Tandem 2.5 inch Torflex rubber axles rated at 4,500 pounds each with electric brakes.


  • • ST225-75R15 radial tires mounted on steel white spoke rims.
    Pintle Hook
    • • Heavy duty pintle eye that is height adjustable without the use of tools.

    Tow Tongue

    • • 89″ long tongue constructed of 4″ square steel tubing.

    Parking Jack

    • • Heavy duty top wind jack with steel wheel.

    Trailer Lighting

    • • LED stop and turn signals with turn signal indicators. LED strobe is mounted in the rear.


  • • 28” diameter with 6 gusseted blades constructed of 3/8” thick abrasive resistant T-1 steel with a Brinell hardness exceeding 400. Each blade is gusseted on the back side and welded to a 1/4” thick backing plate. Impeller blades are flat with serrated tips for increased wear. Impeller is secured to the shaft via a taper lock bushing.

Impeller Bearings

  • • Two 2” diameter double roller 4 bolt flange type bearings.

Impeller Shaft

  • • 2” diameter precision machined steel.

Blower Housing

  • • Outer housing is constructed of 3/16” thick welded steel, front and back plates are 10-gauge steel. A safety kill switch shuts down the engine when the hose is disconnected.


  • • Slip-in style which requires no bolts. Made of 0.25” steel.

Suction Inlet

  • • Located in the rear and incorporates quick access via removable rods.

Intake Hose

  • • 16” diameter x 120” long. Heavy duty rubber hose.

Hose Boom

  • • Hydraulically controlled with an electric operated hydraulic pump. Boom pivots in a greaseable tube for effortless movement. Hydraulic cylinder is 1.5” diameter, with a minimum stroke length of 12”.

Boom Controls

  • • Push button style switch located on the intake hose nozzle.

Intake Nozzle

  • • 16” diameter nozzle with handle constructed of 12 gauge steel.

Exhaust Duct

  • • Constructed of 12-gauge steel and centered directly over the tongue for a balanced unit.

Fuel Tank

  • • 44-gallon capacity constructed of 1/4″ thick polyethylene.


  • • 5,160 lbs.


  • • All metal parts are thoroughly cleaned, primed, painted and dried separately. Each part is primed with a rust inhibitor primer and is painted with two coats of automotive quality paint. The parts are then assembled on the unit so that bolts, nuts, cables and grease fittings are not painted. Standard Color is White.


  • • Self-cleaning rotary radiator screen
  • • Hydraulic parking jack with caster wheel
  • • Remote electric engine throttle with controls on the suction hose handle
  • • Fluid drive coupler in lieu of standard clutch
  • • Remote electric clutch for engine
  • • 45 degree intake hose flange
  • • Urethane suction hose
  • • Urethane coated liners for blower housing
  • • Driver’s side (street) pick up

ODB’S Most Popular Leaf Loader with 1000’s Keeping North America’s Streets Clean
Curbside Configuration for Safe & Simple Pick-up

Dual-Axle for Trailering Stability & Handling
Enclosed Engine with Easy Maintenance Access. Rear Intake Pick-up Flexibility

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