Our debris vacuum customers are always looking for ways to reduce operating and ownership costs and eliminate unplanned downtime. ODB has a vision to create products that are “Engineered for a Green Planet”. With these two objectives in mind, we created Eco Mode™, a simple and effective innovation that increases operating capacity by up to 208%. First-hand account and telemetric data showed that our customers often run our vacuums at 100% power for extended periods, even when not sucking up leaves or debris. After customer feedback, brainstorming and prototyping, we developed methods to improve fuel economy. This is achieved by a sensor detecting if leaves are moving into the fan housing. If not, the engine reduces speed automatically significantly reducing fuel consumption. At this lower speed, our engine OEMs have approved extended idle periods without compromise to engine regens or unforeseen engine maintenance issues. Other benefits include a 50% reduction in noise, particulate velocity, and moving component wear while in Eco Mode. We are proud to announce this patent pending technology.